THE ATELIER is an international renowned high-end luxury Couture brand from Malaysia. Our company was established as a small bridal boutique in 1986 which based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

After few decades in 2016, THE ATELIER brand is being created and officially set up the high-end luxury couture design studio in Shanghai, China with a team of international fashion designers which led by the legendary Fashion Designer in the world, Professor Jimmy Choo, OBE as our Creative Director and Design Mentor which gained global recognitions in the recent years. 

Our design concepts are with various culture diversities and aesthetics which created 3 main fashion lines under the brand which includes The Bridal by The Atelier, The Atelier Couture and The Atelier Ready-to-Wear with products such as High fashion Street Wear, handbags, footwear, fashion accessories, perfume and aromatherapy products.

The Bridal By The Atelier 


The Bridal by The Atelier is the bridal line under the brand of The Atelier, the bridal gowns are specially made for the brides across the world. Most of the gowns under The Bridal by The Atelier are astonishing and luxurious in style. We used mostly the classic corset bodice, mermaid, A-Line with royal train style that are majestic. Along with its luxurious style and delicate stitching embroidery technology, we also integrated structural aesthetics by making its design unique with various inspiration from various artistic figures, literature and romanticism to our designs. 

Ready – To – Wear

The Atelier has always been in pursuit of women's diverse charm and fashion uniqueness, and in 2022 it began a ready-to-wear fashion line. The romantic style of classical fashion, combined with retro aesthetics, shows the multi-faceted charm of new era women.

The fashion line combines luxury embellishments with comfortable and self-conscious cutting, using a unique design language to interpret women's outer world and inner self, excluded free and roaming.

The new fashion line of The Atelier encouraged modern women to release their individuality, pursue and accept multiple selves, realize fashion effortlessly, and make women's vision more fiery and free.