The Atelier S/S 2025 Runway Show,Shanghai

On the 26th of March, The Atelier S/S 2025 Bridal Show was held at the New Bund 31 Performing Arts Centre in Shanghai, China. Presenting a magical The Luminous Reverie collection. The show was a star-studded spectacle, which showcased The Atelier's unique world of realism and romanticism.

The Atelier S/S 2025 Runway Show, Shanghai

Actress Zhu Xudan opens the Shanghai Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2025 dress show for The Atelier brand, whispering "LUMINOUS REVERIE" the realm of time and space, a night of dreams.The brand's Creative Director, Prof. Jimmy Choo, OBE was present at The Atelier's  Spring / Summer 2025 runway show at Shanghai Fashion Week, to witness this extraordinary spectacle that incorporates fantasy and high fashion.

lit. direct from the show

The Luminous Reverie collection presents a variety of shapes, complementing classical architectural structures with exquisite craftsmanship embellishments that are more romantic in nature. Three-dimensional pleated patterns and abstract lines visually articulate future spaces, creating a magical illusion of dreaming time. The integration of fabrics with varied textures, materials, and metallic threads in an array of colours illustrates the rich tapestry of the past and present encapsulated in each design.