Recently, THE ATELIER, an international high-end wedding dress brand from Malaysia, launched the new 2019 spring and summer seriesat Weekly Wedding Dress Show in Shanghai. In such a HIGH FASHION dress show titled "Futuristic", the whole show is transformed into a fashion space with a strong sense of the future. Each of the guests gathered to explore the modern and future, and they jointly embarked on a time-space staggered journey under the guidance of The ATELIER.

Prof. Jimmy Choo OBE, creative director, held that human beings have always been fascinated by the unpredictability of the future and admired historical classics. The unspeakable and contradictory emotion has triggered THE ATELIER a bold attempt in the new season to knit the two ideologies and aesthetics. The combination of traditional handicraft technology and avant-garde design forms a new traditional era of infiltration of space-time and classics, which gives the whole "Futuristic" series a new look. In such a time-space interlaced feast of future aesthetics, THE ATELIER carefully shows us works of art through their bold outline design. Surprisingly, the structure of European Roman and Gothic buildings, together with the technological decoration of linear geometry, forms the effect of superimposed texture. The most noteworthy part of the dress is the "Fred and Ginger" , which vividly presents the romance of the Prague Center in front of us.

Based on our long-held concepts, the architecture ought to be rigid and serious. However, postmodern architecture, which follows traditional history but remains radical in compromise, is entirely new. Mr. Choo applied the curvilinear lines and structures of post-modern architecture to clothing and designed a real "dancing house". By skillfully utilizing the perspective effect of thin yarn, he added multi-level radians and lines to the skirt brace to create a three-dimensional space. At the same time, the Byzantine church-style glass mosaic mounting technology is adopted to create the visual effect of the Crystal Palace with Swarovski shaped crystals on the gauze. In this way, he presents us with the romance of the Prague Center.

It has to be said that the main wedding dress and all the elite techniques are integrated. Delicate embroidery techniques are used to outline linear geometric patterns with a sense of future, and the three-dimensional divergent decoration with a strong sense of upper body structure is indeed made by traditional beading techniques. It's the delicacy of craftsmanship, which is amazing! Slowly walking models, like the queen in the corridor of time and space, go to the future and explore the mystery.

In addition to the outline design inspired by the architectural structure, THE ATELIER strives to achieve a perfect balance of vision by restricting each other's strong structures with exquisite decorative techniques. A series of techniques, such as linear geometry, superimposed texture, concealed French embroidery, fine sewing, etc., are interlaced and applied to each other. They are rich in layers and break through the medium category of the original elements. Whether it is deconstruction and reorganization, novel color matching or subversive new technology, new materials, while peaceful and self-sustaining without losing the gentle and romantic, release the most simple shock and directly hit the inner elegance. Designers are really exploring the creation of futuristic aesthetics, showing "breathing futurism". In this 2019  Spring and Summer "Futuristic" series, THE ATELIER still maintains the level of skillful craftsmanship, and collides with Mr. Choo's amazing design to trigger amazing sparks. It is undeniable that the staggering of spatial structure is a metaphysical thinking, which THE ATELIER wants to present to audiences.

Similarly, we also had the honor of inviting Yew Loh, the brand's director, and Prof. Jimmy Choo OBE, creative director after the show. A brief interview was conducted around the show and the wedding dress.

First of all, Mr. Yew Loh hopes that THE ATELIER brand will be recognized by the world in the future. Since 2013, THE ATELIER has cooperated with designers all over the world. It is found that the design concepts of wedding dresses and dresses are different in each region. They incorporate good ideas and surprise hints into the design, so that they have different types and designs for different markets. Therefore, they also focus on unique designs for Asian women. The alleged advanced customization, that's it! It can be inferred that the significance of the existence of  THE ATELIER is to allow women be praised and to render women seek their own charm.

In our life, we will find pearl pieces and lace decorations in many wedding dresses. Is it so that wedding dresses are more outstanding and more connotative? Prof. Jimmy Choo OBE greatly denied such a question. He claimed that this is not a cause-and-effect problem. Pearl pieces and  lace do not directly give the dress soul, but ingenuity, after all, designers draw inspiration from life. It is the ingenuity that THE ATELIER has always upheld that every wedding dress and dress that craftsmen can achieve with time and effort bears the brand's wishes for girls' dreams and expectations. When girls wear the wedding dress of The ATELIER, they will be touched by themselves in the mirror and have more courage to move towards their happiness. The wedding dress has soul whether it has beads or laces or not. When it comes to the Pearl piece and lace, which is the best form of expression of THE ATELIER, it will make a wedding dress look more grand, which is a sense of ceremony, like his shoes: telling every girl should have a pair of JIMMYCHOO. It is well known that a wedding is a grand event for a girl and should be announced to the world.

For girls who want to take wedding photos or are about to enter the wedding hall, head-wear matched with wedding dress sometimes becomes a headache. Mr. Choo also held that THE ATELIER wedding dress boasts its features in the process, so generally they will do subtraction in the design of the headdress, who may usually apply the main design elements on the wedding dress without over-design. Beautiful things always touche in passing and all seem to be in that way. Are you still hesitating to choose what kind of headdress to wear? Consider the wedding dress of THE ATELIER!

In addition, another headache for brides-to-be at weddings is how to choose bridesmaids' dresses. Here we also consulted with Yew and Mr. Choo. According to Yew, wedding dresses usually have theme colors or mostly used flowers. The best choice for bridesmaid's dresses is the matching colors of theme colors or the matching colors of flowers in bridal bouquets. If the bride does not have special cooperation requirements, it is necessary to choose some elegant colors, such as champagne, light blue, lavender, light pink, light gold andavoid too bright colors, such as white. In terms of style, knee-high or just over knee is more appropriate. Of course, simple design is better, after all, the protagonist is the bride!Mr. Choo mentioned about his line of work, shoes. He reminded the bridesmaids to try to choose middle and low heels that are comfortable and convenient to wear. It should not be neglected that shoes should be chosen to match the color of the clothes.