Recently, the high-end wedding dress brand THE ATELIER COUTURE from Malaysia released the 2018 Autumn and Winter series in Shanghai Xintiandi Taiping Lake Park. In such a big show titled "LE•EARTH", we can be intoxicated with a natural world that has not been eroded by turbidity. It is a colorful world.

The title "LE·EARTH" originates from French. Its inspiration comes from the interaction between industry and natural land, advocating returning to nature and exploring the beauty of nature. Since the birth of mankind, we have praised her, loved her, feared her, and constantly changed her. After experiencing the agricultural, industrial and post-industrial times, we have rushed all the way and become accustomed to all the urban scenes. However, the most primitive planet is not straight gray beyond cities, nor does it depend on business chains. Now close your eyes. Can you still see nature? This Mother Earth has given us everything: The subtle beauty of light reflected in the air? Water shows rich levels of green and blue in streams, rivers, lakes and oceans? Tree lines, mineral colors, and even the weathering and condensation of the land itself extend infinitely amazing beauty.

Once someone tries to make a series of seasons, he or she is either a genius or a madman. No one dares to touch such a huge and complex subject easily. After all, it becomes a miscellaneous and inexperienced pile-up, so why take risks? Fortunately, THE ATELIER has accomplished an impossible task beautifully from a clever angle, that is: color. In contemplation, the rich colors of nature represent the four seasons, focusing on exquisite craftsmanship, deep but not extensive, is it not pure craftsmanship?

LE·EARTH series consists of four major modules: "three primary colors of light", "color powder flowers", "blue-green ripples", "watercolor ore". The intersection and fusion of different color systems is not rigid because they are born out of nature, so they are soft and eye-nourishing.

Interlaced among the four modules are "wood-carved snow-white", "alchemy geometry" and "mineral black crystal". Once again, people can't help wondering about this series based entirely on color inspiration. Easier said than done. In order to show so many levels, the selection of clothing materials, the splicing process, and the final shape of the plastic are all testing the ability of each craftsman to stitch each thread. The overall shape can be simply termed to be "beautiful", so the craftsmanship in details is the most worthwhile value to exert repeatedly. In order to explore more elaborate and unique design, THE ATELIER designs exquisite decorative patterns by splicing and re-creating many special materials in the process of structural treatment and decorative details, and exploring natural phenomena such as texture, wood grain, ore, weathering and condensation. Whether it is the "dandelion" deconstructed by French embroidery and traditional fabrics, or the "ruby" series stitched by French lace and velvet, we can feel the richness and three-dimensional design.

Inspired by wood sculpture, snow-white carves the broken diamond lines by hand, extending and outlining along the girl's soft curve, like a statue that Pigmalion loves, and it's hard to extricate itself at a glance.

In this art, it seems that rocks and mountains are intentional and plants are affectionate. The earth and the forest interweave golden love deposited for hundreds of millions of years, with the Faun flute swaying out moving posture.

The winding method creates the perfect statue of the goddess, and the hard silk and satin contrast with the thin lace make a moving classical picture scrolls - you see, there seems to be some amazing brush strokes left at the end of the classical painter.

If the earth is compared to a mother, then the Crystal Mine is the lovely little daughter of the elves. She likes running and dancing under the sun and the moon, reflecting the dazzling colorful halo through the sunshine and the moonlight.

Cascaded folds and lotus leaves create a three-dimensional shape. Lifelike embroidery seems to detail touching love stories under the cover of sequins and tulle.

Customized special texture materials make skirt design more rich and three-dimensional. The matching colors and patterns with historical and mythological colors give a stunning visual effect; the waist-pinched A-shaped skirt spreads out wantonly and all the lines are dedicated to serving the perfect women.

Finally, the main spinning yarn is still the focus of attention; the color of alchemy, powder decoration, as if the color of the light; three-dimensional decoration and a variety of lace combinations, different techniques of the same lace decoration, jump on the yarn. Unique jacket-style cloak towing head veil seems to be the daughter of the earth. She set out in the darkness, where she passed, there was light, as if to tell you that the natural world was as beautiful as she was.

Professor Jimmy Choo OBE, of course, still serves as the creative director of the studio. It was also the second time that he was in Shanghai for decoration week. The stunning production will certainly live up to the expectations of the public. THE ATELIER's non-replicable "Skillful Hands" is still amazing and dazzling.