On September 18th, with the occasion of the much-watched Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, one of the most influential wedding fashion events, The Atelier couture, officially kicked off at 18:00 local time its show. Affected by the global epidemic, this year's Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week has transformed the traditional offline shows and trade shows into an online interactive mode.

For the first time VBBFW2020 launched its Digital Experience dedicated to entrepreneurs, designers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and buyers in the global wedding industry.

The VBBFW2020 Digital Experience has broken physical boundaries and opened up new paths of communication and business, connecting the professional world and the global audience on a platform whose interaction will be setting the trends in bridal fashion.

The Malaysian high-end brand THE ATELIER, which made its debut at Barcelona Wedding Fashion Week last year, brought a unique "Mystrious" wedding show.

"A sudden epidemic made us withdraw from peace and dreams and re-examine the real life." The ATELIER creative director Professor Jimmy Choo OBE said, "The "Mysterious" series contains our original intentions, after experiencing this epidemic, we have to trace back the origin.”

The beginning of the show open in endless darkness, and a beam of light accompanied by gradually entering music opens the audience to this secret show. The first model wears a golden gown tassel mermaid dress, made of embroidered lace and gold jacquard fabric which is created inhouse thanks to a new inkjet technology, with a unique mottled pattern, that reminds of the traces of the years of wind and rain, concealing the shackles and influence brought to everyone by the changing 2020.

All the dresses are characterized by the brand strong DNA . THE ATELIER has always been good at designing ultra-luxury wedding dresses, with both gorgeous and shining visual experience and royal train to the gown. The addition of Creative Director Professor Jimmy Choo OBE complements each other.

In addition to the graceful mermaid dress, a series of fabulous wedding gown dresses is presented, each design is decorated with gorgeous beadwork and embroidered lace. The beauty of the pleated ball gown that came out on the finale is self-evident. There are old and new lengths of memory, and each person’s memory space and structure are different. Inspired by this, the entire gown is layered repeatedly through regular and neat folds, forming three-dimensional effect, blending with delicate French lace. There is a degree of relaxation in the simplicity and complexity, split and stitching, showing the new romanticism of contemporary art.

Further, we also saw a colorful dress series, including tranquil blue, bright yellow, romantic red, and elegant light blue.

This is also the first time that THE ATELIER presented a fashion show catwalk and its designs on the Internet, showing the design tailoring, fabric texture, and interacting with consumers in a new way. The 《Mysterious》 is not secret realm, it represents the unknown, and at the same time the possibility and the hope. Only with the original intention of exploring the unknown there is a life. THE ATELIER breaks the convention, uphold the original intention, reshape the life perception and cognition, breaks the inherent, discovers a new self, and presents a big show with the original intention and more new possibilities.