Professor Jimmy Choo Obe Creative Diretor

Professor Jimmy Choo OBE is a famous designer in the world, He was the designer of the late British Princess Diana Queen.










In 2015, this talented and ingenious international shoe master began to turn his
attention to wedding dresses. In his view, a wedding dress is more than just a
piece of clothing,which carries the dreams of every girl, the desire for love,
and the expectation of their own wedding. This coincides with the concept of
the Haute Couture craftsmanship that THE ATELIER has always held.
In 2017, Professor Jimmy Choo OBE joined THE ATELIER as design director
and creative director. THE ATELIER made its debut at Shanghai Fashion Week
and launched the "Atelier· The Stars" series, which won a good reputation.





As a presenter and fusion of wedding culture around the world, THE ATELIER Studio, with

its international vision and background,has always inspired the beautiful vision of  

the Chinese bride - hot in Turkey, elegant in Athens, gorgeous in French, romantic

The traditional elegance,American avant-garde can be their own with the best choice.